Purchase and Refund Terms

Purchase and Refund Terms

Welcome to Impact Marketing Management. We are a services based company. We offer our clients marketing, branding, PR and events services.


Payment for all of our services is appreciated in advance. The client companies and entities engage with our services by either buying online through our websites, paying in cash or direct bank deposits. Invoices for services are issued as agreed with the clients. In case of contract breach from the client, the company will bill them according to the service provided and the client is obliged to pay for the services availed according to the contract.

Cancellation Policy

All agreements may be terminated with or without a cause by either party but Impact Marketing Management reserves the right to invoice the client for the work covered and offer 25% refund only on the payments maid. Upon cancelling subscription to networking activities and events, clients are offered 25% refund of their deposits. No refunds are offered on services already rendered, or if client misses an event after registration.