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Women play integral role in creating peaceful and stable societies, most importantly they are vital for economic growth. The Stylfemina Club is a private club that connects women. Women are primary caretakers and nation builders, and with the entrepreneurial trends in the UAE, women are learning in the socio-economic development. TSC allows women from all walks of life to tap into a support system that has been designed to ensure gender parity, women empowerment, opportunity design and networking possibilities for women who are changemakers and aspiring leaders. A major objective of the club is to encourage women to play an active role in stimulating sustainable development, and ensure they are contributing towards the larger success of the country.



The Stylfemina Club fosters the larger mission of achieving holistic development and meeting career aspirations of UAE-based women. However, the club also welcomes women from other parts of the world to network and work with the women from the UAE. The network is open to all women who are willing to add value for progression and development. TSC hosts and organizes meetups, trainings, workshops and summits to ensure its mission is materializing. These events are dedicated towards woman empowerment, educational and business growth activities. All year round, seminars are hosted exclusively for its members to provide valuable information about the latest knowledge, skills and best practices for women entrepreneurs and leaders.

Membership Benefits

The Stylfemina Club members avail multiple opportunities to network and grow. There are business meetups, networking events, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and summits to help women entrepreneurs. These activities benefit women entrepreneurs in more than one ways.


Stylfemina Talks is an online talkshow which is broadcasted live thrice a month via LinkedIn of Nousheen Mukhtar to introduce women leaders, executives, managers, chair women, entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs and business owners. Many of these talkshow guests have also been featured in the Stylfemina magazine and their stories inspire many aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs.

Diverse Networking Platforms

TSC creates multiple networking opportunities through business related events, conferences, exhibitions, seminars and summits for its members in the UAE. It also invites women from across the globe to connect with its members to foster business presence of its members.

Skill Development

Exclusive access to customized and targeted training sessions, workshops and talks delivered by coaches, business leaders, and trainers for skill development on both personal and professional levels. Easy access to masterclasses and developmental programs that foster multi-level growth.

Members B2B Platform

Members can connect with other members through our social activities to generate B2B affiliations and business partnerships. We also connect them with investors and VCs to ensure their qualified ventures receive funding support.


The Stylfemina Club offers yearly membership to women for just AED 500
The membership is subjected to yearly renewal. It unlocks support for women who wish to thrive and hit the dreamed success.


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