Global Women Leadership Conference & Gala Season 4



Diversity accelerates innovation, therefore, inclusion is necessary. Nations that foster inclusion bread successful effective leaders. Impact Leadership Program supports diversity and inclusion; through its Global Women Leadership Conference it brings to the forefront the voice of women leaders for growing deeper roots of gender parity and inclusion. Inclusion of women in varied leadership roles may yield enhanced productivity, stronger strategic collaboration, better organizational dedication, and improved fairness.

Meet with hundreds of women leaders from various sectors, fields and nations at the Global Women Leadership Conference & Gala.

We are also celebrating the achievements of distinguished women. The awards have a beautiful history since 2021 and continue to retain their stature in the realm of global endorsement of women empowerment. The expanding networking of people of excellence invites individuals from multiple industries to access this networking opportunity that invests in ensuring business connectivity and growth. Some of the major industries dominating the awards nominations include: Art, Artificial Intelligence, Beauty & cosmetics, Biotechnology, Engineering, accounting, architecture, Justice and law, compliance, corporate services, citizenship and immigration, finance, insurance, interior design, taxation, travel and tourism, training and coaching, education, filming and production, performing art and theatre, public speaking, information technology, data mining and management, infrastructure development, mobility, sustainability, trading, crypto currencies, metaverse, NFTs, homemade brands, fashion and lifestyle and so on.

Here is the tentative program of the event:

3:00 pm – Guest Registrations

3:30 pm – Event Inauguration

4:00 pm – Talks by Leaders

4:30 pm – Refreshments

5:00 pm – Talks by Leaders

6:00 pm – Awards Ceremony

8: 30 pm – Dinner and Networking

9: 30 pm – Reviews and Media Recordings by Guests

We look forward to meet you there. If you are interested in nominating for an award or register as a speaker please submit your applications here.