Entrepreneur Workshop – Accelerate Growth



Free yourself from overwhelm and confusion about growth! Business growth is not just about having the right kind of adverts on one or two of your social media channels; nor does your marketing stop at that. You cannot thrive just by looking at your competition to understand what ‘moves’ work towards success. In fact, that would be a mistake!

This workshop offers you a flow-based solution that you craft for your own business through process oriented steps. You will clear up your systems and set your growth engine towards trackable, exponential growth.

This is step 1 towards a series of business success sessions I have devised for helping business owners. I have designed the process after trial and error towards success of multiple business I have led for more than a decade.

What will be your gain?

>> What are the elements in your business that make up your value proposition?

>> What should be your strategy to attract more clients?

>> Why some clients buy while majority walks away? Is your communication strategy failing you?

>> What makes your different from businesses like yours? If you are not different what strategy should you use to attract buyers?

>> What should be done to attract more business, retain it and ensure more growth in business?

You will find not just the answers to these questions but will work consciously to revisit and recreate your own business growth plan in Accelerate Growth Workshop 1.0. Troubleshoot what hinders your business growth, and find new ways to make further growth possible. Identify your market size, select the correct market channels and level up.

Program Timings:

Day = Saturday

Date = February 10, 2024

Duration = 3 hours

Time = 4:00 pm till 7:00 pm

Refreshments = Coffee

Registration fee = AED 200


This workshop is for entrepreneurs who have a running business and have at least completed one year and above in business. They have their numbers ready and can talk about what has happened to their business during past 1 year of operations. It is certainly not for job seekers, aspiring entrepreneurs or businesses in infancy.

Bring Along:

  1. You will need your laptop or iPad, pens, probably your notebook (I prefer using my own notebook as I am totally used to taking notes there and drawing my mind maps as I work)
  2. Your business plan
  3. Information about your best or worst buyers
  4. Your yearly report of business progress in the last 1 year of your business

Why Attend this Workshop at all?

There is no doubt about the fact that your business will grow through a marketing strategy aligned with your purpose, goals, targets, nature and growth viability of products/services and your intentions for growth. You will use design thinking and customer centric innovation approach to leverage upon a growth strategy.

As your growth engine takes off, several metrics will shift, and you will have more revenue to strengthen your market presence, how will that happen? Let us discover as we work together. A standard investment in marketing is between 8% and 12% of total revenue. For startups, budgeting for upwards of 20% is recommended. You will assess your current strategy, find ways to control risks and problems, experience breakthrough, and prepare a growth engine for a better future of your business. All of this will happen through actions and decisions you will take during the workshop.

The focus is your business growth through strategic planning and practically fruitful actions. Let’s do it!

P.S. Once you sign up for this workshop, keep checking your inbox you will received emails with a few preparatory steps for it … yes this is serious work!

You have A LOT TO DO!