Empowered Women Empower Women




The convention of storytelling is ages old. Our grandmas heard stories from theirs and we tell stories our children, friends and friends friends. When we share our challenges, failures, and triumphs, we provide valuable insights that can inspire and motivate others. Stories are a great bond, and storytelling is a powerful way of building and strengthening relationships. Knowing someone’s journey allows others to identify patterns, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Exciting news! Stylfemina is organizing Empowered Women Empower Women to reveal its issue 12. The upcoming issue features multi-industry experts, thought leaders, and courageous women who wear many hats. The agenda includes talks by women featured in this edition, learning opportunities, and networking. In this event our multi-talented speakers with powerful stories of inspiration will take you on a journey into the profound world of empowerment and progress where challenges open new doors for the heart, mind and body.

An evolving agenda and details are:

Day: Wednesday

Date: 5 June, 2024

Timings: 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Venue: Meeting Room at In5 Tech, Internet City, Dubai

Speakers Include:

Nousheen Mukhtar

Sara Hegazy

Nino Fincher

Kim Araman

Dr. Uzma Mehraj

and others

Program Host: Neha Dixit

We look forward to receive you as our esteemed guest at this wonderful event. You may receive your 1 free print copy of the magazine as a gift while attending it.