Impact Global Leadership Awards

Impact Leaders Awards are organized to connect, endorse and recognize global leaders in various sectors. The award ceremony welcomes inspiring personalities, business leaders, and innovators from all sectors including but not limited to energy, technology, agriculture, health, communications, media, art, music, management, sustainability, fashion, entrepreneurship, coaching, mentorship, economic empowerment, mobility, human rights, and more. These awards celebrate the inspiration existing leaders are passing on to the aspiring leaders.


  • Nominees are gained via given email asking your detailed profile with achievements.
  • Nominees apply via registration form.
  • It is imperative to share profile, portfolio of achievements, previous awards and endorsements, industry impact details and activities conducted as a business.


  • All those who formally accept their nomination will be asked if they would like to submit material for further consideration as supporting evidence.
  • All nominees will be evaluated via document screening, comparative study of business facts and interviews.


  • Our research team will assess all information presented when it comes to determining winners.
  • The team will assess the material supplied by the nominees.
  • They will cast their final judgment based on various criteria including client dedication, innovation, business growth, longevity, online reputation, client feedback and business performance.
  • Upon completion of screen and second round of shortlisting, a registration fee of $500 applies for shortlisted nominees to register for the award.


  • Once winners have been determined each winner will be contacted directly.


  • We encourage all of our winners to publicly announce their win independently.
  • Announcements via company websites, social media channels, via publicly released press releases, and through local and national press are a great way of really maximizing the exposure gained from such an amazing achievement.

The entries will be reviewed by the judges based on the following:

  • Uniqueness & Innovation – Does the project introduce new or cutting-edge innovation?
  • Effectiveness & Impact – Did the project achieve its objectives and targets? What measures have been used to assess its success? What was the impact on your company and industry? If the project is a solution provided for a client, what is the overall feedback of your client?
  • Dynamism – Is the strategy, project, service or product flexible to changes and progressive opportunities?
  • Progression-al evidence – Is the strategy, project, service or product flexible to changes and progressive opportunities?History of activities that show commendable progression of business in innovation and inventiveness to answer consumer segment.


  • The impact of your work is measured and shows difference
  • The impact of your work has impacted a population segment and there is evidence available
  • Your previous endorsement are available
  • Your vision has clarity and you have succeed in manifesting some of it
  • You have achieved outstanding targets
  • Your business is unique and innovation
  • You are passion driven and fit in available categories

Award Nomination Guide:

  • Read the award entry guidelines and eligibility for your reference.
  • Fill out the company information and entrant details fields.
  • Choose the technology category and industry you’d like to enter under.
  • Provide entry information: Entry title, 100-word summary of the entry, key achievements and client testimonial/s (if any).
  • Upload your supporting documents and project photos to further strengthen your entry.

After nomination is confirmed you will be contacted by our team to proceed with your registration as awardee and pay to attend the event.

Nominations categories

For awards nominations everybody is welcome to apply with their portfolio and details of achievements in their industry. The details need to be authentic and verifiable.

Impact Global Leadership Awards Form


    * It is mandatory to register the nomination so that the team scrutinizes their application and process it for approval to be considered for the award.