Global Women Leadership Awards

Global Women Leadership Awards 2024 are scheduled for 6 June 2024 this year. The fourth season of these prestigious awards bring the best woman leader to the spotlight. Women leaders who have excelled and out-performed in their industries will gather from different parts of the world in Dubai, UAE to be recognized, appreciated and endorsed for their achievements. The awards have a beautiful history since 2021 and continue to retain their stature in the realm of global endorsement of women empowerment. The expanding networking of people of excellence invites individuals from multiple industries to access this networking opportunity that invests in ensuring business connectivity and growth. Some of the major industries dominating the awards nominations include: Art, Artificial Intelligence, Beauty & cosmetics, Biotechnology, Engineering, accounting, architecture, Justice and law, compliance, corporate services, citizenship and immigration, finance, insurance, interior design, taxation, travel and tourism, training and coaching, education, filming and production, performing art and theatre, public speaking, information technology, data mining and management, infrastructure development, mobility, sustainability, trading, crypto currencies, metaverse, NFTs, homemade brands, fashion and lifestyle, business development, marketing, communications, and many more. Global Women Leadership Awards are for female individuals with the criteria of excellence at the base.

Last Date to Submit Nominations: 24 May 2024

While the nomination is free, the winners have to register their awards and basic registration fee is AED1835

Venue: Millennium Hotel, Airport Road, Dubai


Nominations for Global Women Leadership Awards open at least two months before the ceremony, so that there is sufficient time for the submission of nominations and submission of required details. The nominees are expected to submit their complete profile with list of achievements and proof of achievements to date of submission. They submissions have to be made electronically and all submitted documents are kept in complete confidentiality. They are not used for any purpose other than evaluating the profile and qualifications of the candidates. There is a panel of jury members who support the examination of documents as well as conduct nominees interviews to assess their eligibility and potential to win. All nominations are submitted in English language. The nominations forms have to be filled and submitted online. The winners for each award will be decided according to their leadership qualities, strength of their performance and work goals, as well as their vision of growth in the industry; the jury considers past achievements as a strong plus factor. The organizing entity and the jury members reserve the right to create and expand more categories to fit in more deserving candidates and have larger scope of leadership awards. The jury panel may eliminate or disqualify any candidate depending upon evaluation and qualification of the candidates. Any nomination with inaccurate and inappropriate data can be cancelled or eliminated. It is mandatory for each candidate to submit their CV with the nomination form.

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VR & Metaverse

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Tax and Finance Awards

Travel and Tourism Awards

Real Estate and Realty

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