Global Women Leadership Conference & Awards 2024

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Global Women Leadership Program

Global Women Leadership Program, founded in 2021, rooted in the UAE, is a venture open to support women from all regions. It is an equal opportunity platform that works to inspire women towards leadership through its yearly activities. Its annual conference and awards gala happens every June where women leaders in various industries and sectors get together to celebrate their achievements and set new targets of collaboration. They aspire to make more leaders like them, therefore, the mission of inspiring, supporting and enlightening women who wish to reach pinnacle of success remains prime target. 

Our Mission: Connect inspiring women leaders with aspiring women leaders to foster innovation, growth and equal opportunity.


1. Connect women leaders from across the globe to form a strong community of leaders.
2. Explore, evolve and nurture minds with productive practices.
3. Accelerate business growth for women owned businesses.
4. Support worldwide economic growth competitively.
5. Inspire aspiring women leaders towards setting achievable ambitious targets.
6. Offer a platform to women from multiple industries, sectors and ethnic groups to network, find like-minded individuals and experience personal as well as professional growth.

With a broader vision to achieving gender balance, GWL provides equal opportunity to every member to contribute and partner in building the world’s future. It spreads the message of love and empowerment, promotes knowledge sharing and development, and fosters innovation.

Season 3 - Dubai

Global Women Leadership conference and awards ceremony is organized in June every year to highlight the achievements and work of global women. At the occasion, women leaders from various continents, countries, states, provinces, and cities join the cause of empowerment. They gather in Dubai for the official awards gala. Women represent global official institutions, business associations, governments, media houses, NGOs, institutions and private firms during the event. As part of the annual agenda, women entrepreneurs and other business leaders share inspiring stories in forums and talks to motivate younger and aspiring women towards living a more meaningful, fulfilling and purposeful lives. Global Women Leadership Conference & Awards is an opportunity for global women leaders to promote:

– the exchange of best practices,
– knowledge on leadership,
– women’s empowerment,
– support the world civilizations and culture to have a world with peace and leadership.

We look forward to your association with Global Women Leadership Conference and Awards Gala 2024.

Date: Sunday, 6 June 2024

Venue: Dubai, UAE

Timings: 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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    About the Chairperson

    Aligning her personal goals with the fifth of the Sustainable Development Goals by UNO, Nousheen Mukhtar chose to serve women globally and unite them under the brand canopy Global Women Leadership. She believes every woman is naturally powerful and amazing, she is resilient, courageous and a warrior. She conceived the idea for Global Women Leadership in 2020 and set it into motion by laying its foundations in Dubai in June 2021. Nousheen Mukhtar is a serial entrepreneur. Her current companies are Nousheen Marketing Management (AKA Nousheen Mukhtar International) and Impact Events and Media. These enterprises organize, fund and host the Global Women Leadership Conference and Awards Gala apart from a few other yearly events dedicated to the personal as well as professional development, quality networking and empowerment of women. Nousheen Mukhtar has been supporting entrepreneurs and executives through-out her career, her platform YesGulf paved way to the conferences and summits she hosts and organizes in the present times. Post 2020 her work shifted towards supporting the cause of gender balance and global economic development. She has played a prominent role in building economic bridges by hosting and organizing the launch of Latin America – UAE Business center during Expo 2020 in Dubai. Apart from this she is much revered for growing Stylfemina Magazine and Club for years to support women entrepreneurs by creating unique opportunities for women in business. 

    Our Mission: Connect inspiring women leaders with aspiring women leaders to foster innovation, growth and equal opportunity