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Impact Events – the boutique corporate events company – is the house of awesome events. With its founder’s vision to accelerate business growth in the region, the conferences, summits and trade shows organized by Impact attract investments to the UAE, empower entrepreneurs and startups. It has launched its back to back summits and conferences on a larger scale from 2021 on, where approximately 700 businesses from various sectors of technology, travel and tourism, fashion, lifestyle, cosmetics, retail, pharma, law, corporate investments, health, and more have participated to leverage on growth oriented opportunities. The company specializes in corporate events, conferences & seminars, exhibitions, team bonding events, product launches and brand activation events, trainings and awareness raising campaigns. With more than 60,000 attendees in its events, Impact aims at growing exponentially by building strategic corporate relations, and business ties globally. It promises to bring awesome events to the region all around the year, every year.